not grown ups

i remember us living inside that house
and i remember us walking the long way round to school
and in the winter our gloves would be wet through with frost
and i remember wanting to be just like you

we'd put on plays and concerts
we had a secret club with code names
(i was meatpie and you were powderpuff)
you were gregarious and dramatic
i was the clumsy, cuddly little sister
and we had a whole world in our backyard

if i scrambled to a tree top
a long way off the ground
you'd say please be careful
and i'd say it's a long way down

now you're getting married
we've got to go and get ourselves a couple of fancy frocks
you ask if i'll be your best woman
i say of course, it'll be like a giant game of dress-ups

lets grow in all directions
as we learn and as we love
just because we're no longer children
doesn't mean we have to be grown-ups

i have a picture of you in your house
with mudbricks and vegies and children and games
and love and gumboots and chooks
and i'll be hanging out to visit
and you'll say hey look who's here
it's your laughing, loving, crazy, singing aunt

when they scramble to the tree tops
a long way off the ground
you'll be there to say have fun, but please be careful
and they'll say hey mum, look where i am
its a long way down