5 June 2019

We made a video for WHEOGO HILL! Starring.. WHEOGO HILL! Footage by Craig Lawler (of Blind Freddy's Bushranger Tours fame) & John Daly, edited by Simon Bailey & Damian Fitzgerald. To quote Lawler, 'In the 1860's Gold Fever came to Wheogo, and like Deadwood, it didn't end well'. In the central west of NSW, in the heart of Wiradjuri country, Wheogo is where Kitty's family, the Walshes, were peaceably farming cattle before gold was discovered at Lambing Flat. It's where Kitty first met Frank. And it's where they ran from when the heat of the law hit fever pitch. Find out more about Kitty & Frank.

WHEOGO HILL Single tour starts this weekend in Melbourne with two shows at the Merri Creek Tavern, with Hamish Stuart & Alice Pearl Williams. All details and ticket links here.

14 May 2019

The first song from KITTY & FRANK is released today! All over the internets! You can listen to WHEOGO HILL & buy a copy of it here on bandcamp, and you can also listen to it on all the various streams including spotify.

We've also just launched the ALBUM PREORDER CAMPAIGN! You can purchase your copy of KITTY & FRANK now (on LP, CD, or as a digital download) and you'll receive it before its offical release date in August. You'll also get a free download of the first single WHEOGO HILL when you pre-order the album.

And... in purchasing your copy of KITTY & FRANK now you're also really helping me get this whole kit-and-caboodle over the line! And I thank you xx

Happy Listening
xo LT

10 May 2019

In anticipation of new musics hitting the internets very soon, a fair swag of the back catalogue is now available on all the streams! You can now find me up on spotify, and wherever else you stream the musics... Follow, like, share, play it on repeat, etc.. x Me, I like to sit by a stream, lie on its banks, swim in it, float down it.. keep real still and watch for platypus.. Anyways, it's 2019, and i'm gonna join the other streaming world for a bit too x And as ever, all the musics are available to purchase directly from me - in either digital or physical form - via bandcamp.

In other news, playing one more SOLD OUT show with JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN in Melbourne tonight! X

17 April 2019

Just announced! A selection of intimate shows in June in VIC, ACT, NSW & QLD! Most of them with Hamish Stuart! And we'll be celebrating the release of the FIRST SONG from the forthcoming album! That's right folks... the new album - Kitty & Frank - is set for release at the end of August and the first single will be hitting the internets on May 14th! Tix for these June shows are on sale now. And there'll be more news on the new musics coming real soon! Stay tuned xx

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